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Just because someone offers to work on your home’s plumbing doesn’t mean you should let them. Not every plumber is qualified for every job, after all. To make certain the person you invite into your home to make plumbing maintenance and installations is qualified to do it, call Sage Plumbers.

Our Newport Beach plumbers are committed to doing everything we can to make us your lifetime plumber. But what does that mean exactly?

To make you choose us as your lifetime plumber, we:

  • Complete only high-quality plumbing services
  • Offer our services at great, competitive prices
  • Stay atop industry knowledge
  • Guarantee the quality of most parts and services
  • Use top-grade parts and equipment
  • Keep a flexible calendar for easy customer scheduling

When you choose us as your Newport Beach plumbers, we really roll out the red carpet for you because we want to be saved in your phone as your one and only plumbing company you trust. Happy customers are customers for life!

Make the wise choice. Contact the expert Newport Beach plumbers online or at (949) 536-7471 today.

What Can Sage Plumbers Do for You?

All throughout the walls, flooring, and maybe even the ceiling of your home runs pipes for your plumbing system. While this might seem like a complicated system to most people, plumbing intricacies and designs are second nature to our Newport Beach plumbers. As proud members of the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), our team members undergo continual certification, so you know we mean it when we say we know plumbing issues and solutions inside-and-out, top-to-bottom. If you have any sort of plumbing job that needs a professional’s attention, then get us on the phone!

Newport Beach plumbing services that we can complete in your home include but are not limited to:

  • Water heater services: Upgrading, replacing or maintaining your water heater only requires you to place one call to Sage Plumbers. Thanks to our advanced industry experience, our crew is ready to work on both tanked and tankless water heaters.
  • Leak detection: A little leak can become a big problem if you don’t get it fixed promptly. Our leak detection services allow us to find the source of any leaks in your plumbing system. Once identified, we can recommend a cost-effective fix.
  • Slab leak detection- If you suspect a slab leak in your home's foundation, call us right away!
  • Gas line services: Did you know that the gas lines running to your home are technically part of your plumbing system? We have the industry training and safety gear required to safely work on gas lines, including both installation jobs and repairs. Please call (949) 536-7471 right away if you suspect you have a broken or defective gas line. Due to the possible dangers of gas line work, you should always leave such a job to a professional.
  • Bathroom plumbing fixes: No homeowner wants to fix a broken toilet or snake a clogged shower, but it has to be done! Keep your own hands clean and let our plumbers take care of any plumbing issues in your bathroom. We install toilets, faucets, showers, and tubs.
  • Kitchen plumbing jobs: When you want to renovate your kitchen, let Sage Plumbers be the team that installs new fixtures and appliances, like a sink or dishwasher. For example, we are commonly called upon to fix jammed-up and broken garbage disposals.
  • Water line services: Sage Plumbers is fully familiar with water lines and all the services they might require, from installation to repairs.

How Often Should You Schedule Plumbing Maintenance?

Avoiding unnecessary plumbing repairs starts with keeping up with regular maintenance. We recommend scheduling plumbing maintenance every 1-2 years if you have a newer plumbing system and every year for older homes.

We Offer Reliable Commercial Plumbing Services, Too

Sage Plumbers are the wise choice for business owners who need commercial plumbing services as well. The plumbing that runs through and under your business can be a bit different from what you see in the typical household, especially when it comes to the volume of water such systems can handle. Not to worry, though. We can give your business the same five-star care we give to our residential customers.

Be sure to also ask our plumbers to inspect your plumbing system for code compliance! Few things can shut the doors on your business faster than finding out you are not compliant with all plumbing requirements based on your industry and property.

Who is the Right Choice for Newport Beach Plumbing? Sage Plumbers!

Whether you are looking for plumbing replacements in your home or tune-ups for your business’s plumbing system, our Newport Beach plumbers have you covered. We are proud to be local, expert plumbers with a sincere dedication to doing everything we can to make our customers’ lives easier. By the time we are done with your plumbing job, we are confident you’ll see us less as a team of plumbers and more as friends who just so happen to be incredible at plumbing services!

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