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Plumbing Safety

Plumbing Safety Tips from a Trusted Lake Forest Plumbing Company

Time and time again, homeowners across Orange County strive to save money by performing plumbing repairs and service on their own—or by calling on an unlicensed handyman. The professional plumbers at Sage Plumbers have seen it all, from small clogs to entire home renovations—and we’ve seen the ways that short-cutting projects gets it wrong. Thankfully, our plumbers provide comprehensive plumbing services for residential and commercial clients. A project done wrong can have dire consequences. Put our team on the job before trying to do it on your own or hiring someone not up to the job.

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Top Plumbing Safety Tips

  1. Do your research
  2. Protect your eyes and ears
  3. Cover your arms and hands
  4. Read labels of an chemicals you may be using
  5. Prepare for environmental hazards

Tips for DIY Plumbing

If attempting any plumbing project, it’s best to be aware of basic safety precautions before proceeding. Importantly, understanding how your entire plumbing system works can help establish the foundation for keeping your property safe and reliable.

Additional plumbing safety tips include:

  • Shut off the main water line before attempting any plumbing work
  • Protect your hands, eyes, ears, and lungs at all times
  • Abide by the proper intent of tools during use
  • Understand what is behind the wall or in a pipe before cutting
  • Be wary of signs such as odd smells or sounds that could signify danger

Hire a Plumber that Understands Code & Regulations

Professional plumbers know relevant local codes and how to utilize these to your benefit. Our Lake Forest plumbers have seen home projects that need additional work or never obtained the proper permits. We also receive continuing education to make sure we are up on the latest codes and industry standards. Our team can help you navigate these codes to ensure that your plumbing project will proceed as smoothly as possible.

Learn more about plumbing safety in Lake Forest with Sage Plumbers. Contact us at (949) 536-7471 today.

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