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Expert Bathtub Repairs & Replacements for Your Orange County Property

Sage Plumbers has a full range of tub services in Lake Forest that include installation. Every single home, office, and property has a different bathroom setup, and it takes the right tub to cater to your specific needs. With the necessary experience, modern training, and access to industry-leading manufacturers, our plumbers can complete your project with optimal results.

Whether you need to complete a remodel or want help replacing a damaged tub, our Lake Forest team can help. Call (949) 536-7471 to schedule an appointment.

How Long Do Bathtubs Last?

Bathtubs can last anywhere from 10-20 years. Acrylic tubs can last around 10-15 years while fiberglass tubs can last longer. However, you might consider replacing your bathtub when you can no longer tolerate faded colors or the tub is worn out.

Can Bathtubs Be Repaired?

Yes, minor bathtub damage can be easily repaired! Repairs can be successfully performed on all types of tubs including porcelain, acrylic, marble, and fiberglass. Small fixture cracks appear fairly common in older tubs. It's also common to notice slight cracks when heavy objects are dropped onto the tub surface.

When your bathtub is in otherwise good condition, it makes perfect sense to want to perform a simple repair than replace the entire unit. However, be sure to have an expert from Sage Plumbers inspect the damage and the tub to ensure there is no hidden damage. We'll provide our honest opinion on whether a replacement is needed or not.

Is Bathtub Replacement the Right Option?

It is likely that your tub sees regular use and over time is subjected to routine wear. Most commonly, leaking and a slow or clogged drain are large problems for tubs that need immediate attention from a professional plumber.

Signs you need to replace a bathtub include:

In some instances, replacing a tub is more cost-effective. The surrounding remodeling work associated with replacing a bathtub can make a new tub the more appealing option. With the additional benefit of an upgrade, our professionals can help find a unit with the design and function that you desire.

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With any project, be sure to give consideration to your tub. Simply changing the design or color of your tub can give an entirely new feel to your home. Our reliable plumbing technicians have both the products and experience to help with all of your tub installation needs. Reach out for more information about replacement of your existing unit or receive a service quote for a new remodel in Lake Forest or the surrounding areas.

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