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Gas Leak Detection in Lake Forest

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Do you have an unusually high gas bill? Do you smell gas on your property but can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from? Do you have visibly rusted or corroded gas pipes on your property? Has the gas company shut off your gas meter and notified that you have a leak? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a gas leak detection to determine the source of the leak, as well as discover any other areas in your gas system that are showing signs of deterioration or corrosion.

At Sage Plumbers, our team is well-versed in installing & repairing gas lines and has the education and experience necessary to keep your home and your belongings safe from damage. We proudly serve Lake Forest and the surrounding communities.

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Do You Need Gas Leak Detection?

Your home needs regular maintenance to perform as expected, including regular inspections of the gas lines. Usage over time results in wear and tear and parts will need to be replaced to prevent dangerous gas from building up.

Indications that gas lines are damaged include:

  • Bent, weakened, or clogged gas lines
  • Loose or broken pipe connections
  • Cracked gaskets
  • Hissing noises
  • The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur
  • Condensation on the gas line

Gas companies typically add a rotten egg odor to alert customers that there may be a leak in their gas lines. However, there are instances when a leak will be much subtler and require the assistance of a knowledgeable gas plumber. Depending on the extent of the situation, our seasoned plumbers can provide an effective solution that is designed to keep you and your property safe.

Plumbers Providing Peace of Mind

If you believe you have a gas leak, open your windows and get out of the house while avoiding electronic devices and flames. Afterward, call a professional to discover the source of the leak and provide a trusted plumbing solution. Whether you need regular gas line maintenance or emergency gas line detection, Sage Plumbers offers you peace of mind.

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