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Expert Faucet Repair Services in Lake Forest and All of Orange County

Kitchen and bathroom faucets do a lot of work every single day but are some of the most underappreciated parts of any property. These need to remain functioning at all times to keep your home or business running smoothly. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority, so we get faucet replacement completed right the first time.

At Sage Plumbers, we are proud to offer faucet installation services for residential and commercial customers in Lake Forest, CA. We utilize our experience to ensure that you always have access to quality plumbing services when the need arises. That’s why we always put customers first. Our expert team makes it possible for every client to receive the individualized attention they deserve when they call a plumber.

Are you experiencing faucet problems in Lake Forest, CA? We can take care of this right away. Call (949) 536-7471 when you need a plumber.

Upgrade Your Home with New Fixtures

Faucet issues can be a major inconvenience. When a faucet is dripping or otherwise wasting water, it also drives up your water bill. When you need to install a new faucet, our professional plumbers can provide options that work.

You might need a new fixture if you're experiencing:

  • Low water pressure
  • Drips or leaks
  • Spray misting from the faucet
  • Strange noises
  • Faucet handle that is tough to operate

It may seem small, but faucets can also upgrade both the look and feel of your home. When the right faucet is installed for your family’s needs, you can enjoy both functionality and style. Additionally, faucets can affect your productivity and mood when they cease to work properly or conflict with the design of the room.

What is the Most Frequent Failure in a Typical Faucet?

The parts of the faucet that fail the most frequently are the rubber washers and the faucet valve. Rubber washers wear out after extended use. When the rubber washer wears out they can cause leakage to form around the base of the faucet. Valves fail over time due to sediment in the water flowing through the faucet building up. When this sediment builds up it causes the valve to deteriorate. Once the valve has deteriorated it causes leaking similar to the rubber washer.

Experienced, Licensed & Ready to Work

Give us a call to learn more about our faucet services in Lake Forest, CA or the surrounding areas in Orange County. We can schedule an appointment to start a faucet installation in either your kitchen or bathroom, or provide a service quote. We are not only experienced, but we are licensed to perform a range of plumbing services. Rather than attempt an installation yourself or hire an unlicensed handyman, let the licensed technicians at Sage Plumbers get the job done right.

For our Lake Forest, CA plumbers, the customer comes first. Reach out to Sage Plumbers at (949) 536-7471 to get started on your faucet installation or repair today!

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