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The Sage Plumbers Quality Guarantee

We Stand Behind Our Plumbing Work in Lake Forest & Orange County

At Sage Plumbers we take tremendous pride in the quality of our work. All work—with the exception of drain cleaning—comes with a minimum labor guarantee of one year unless otherwise stated on our invoice.

Due to the quality of the materials and fixtures we provide, we offer an extended guarantee on the following installations:

  • Tank water heaters- Comes with 6 years labor and 6 years’ manufacturer warranties
  • Tankless water heaters- Comes with 6 years labor and 10 years’ manufacturer warranties
  • Garbage Disposals- Comes with 2 years labor and 2-10 years’ manufacturer warranties (Depending on model)
  • PEX waterline installations- Comes with 10 years labor and 25 years’ manufacturer warranties
  • Copper waterline installations- Comes with 5 years labor and 10 years’ manufacturer warranties
  • Indoor/outdoor gas line installations- Comes with 10 years labor and 10-50 years’ manufacturer warranties (Depending on pipe and fitting used)

Drain Cleaning Guarantee

Due to a variety of factors, we cannot guarantee any drain cleaning provided by snaking or hydro-jetting unless you choose to have the drain line video-inspected after the drain cleaning is performed. Our years of experience tell us that unless we examine drain line with our video equipment, we simply cannot accurately determine the condition of a customers’ drainage systems.

Our Lake Forest-based plumbers recommend customers to purchase our video inspection following drain cleaning, so we can share the cause of drain backups—rather than simply treating the symptoms. After performing video inspections, our technicians will make a determination as to how long we can guarantee the drain line to be free from backups.

This limited guarantee does NOT apply where:

  • Repairs are needed to correct a manufacturer’s defect.
  • Products have been installed or tampered with by others.
  • Repairs have been made by others.
  • Repairs are required due to normal (or excessive) wear and tear.
  • Damage is caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect.
  • Clogs or back-ups due to improperly disposed of items.

All guarantees are void if the payment is not made when due. Additionally, our guarantees extend only to the customer and are not transferable.

This guarantee does not cover labor charges for the correction, replacement, or repair due to manufacturer defects. Labor charges are the responsibility of the homeowner and are due at the time of service.

What to Do in the Event of Service Failure

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to notify us immediately in the event of an installation or repair failure. Sage Plumbers will, with reasonable promptness during normal working hours, remedy the defect. In no event shall we be liable for water or other damage caused by any delay in remedying a defect. In the event of an installation or repair failure, any such defects will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Sage Plumbers, as our inspection discloses.

For more information about our quality guarantee, please feel free to contact our Lake Forest plumbing office at (949) 536-7471.

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