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How Leak Detection Can Help You

As your home ages, things begin to show signs of wearing out. That includes your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms along with your water heater and pipes. If you happen to see a spike in your water bill even though you use the same amount each month, there may be a leak. Detecting where the leaks are coming from is crucial, and when you find them, they'll need repairs as soon as possible.

Save Money

Leaks can be very tricky. You might hear the sound of dripping water and then the next minute that sound is gone. Even though this dripping isn’t a roaring rush of water and it might not seem to be too consistent, you’re still wasting a significant amount of water which will eventually run up your water bill. A steady stream of water can also cause considerable damage that would lead to costly repairs.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to check your pipes, especially after a hard freeze because frozen pipes can sustain damage if not handled correctly. These are just some the ways you can save money when trying to detect a leak. For more information, reach out to your local plumber!

Prevent Flooding

Detecting a leak, however small it may seem, can eventually prevent an outright flood in your home. For example, if you have a water heater that is located inside your home or garage, you should check on it routinely for leaks. The water heater itself may not leak, but the rods that are connected to it can get old and crack which can cause massive flooding and leave you with several hundred dollars worth of damage. If it is the water heater that is leaking you need to replace it quickly.

Avoid Damage

Finding a leak and fixing it quickly can help avoid damage inside and outside of your home. If the leak is in your wall, because the water is stagnant, it will cause mold. Even the smallest of leaks can still manage to cause water damage if left undetected for too long.

Do yourself and your home a favor and call the qualified plumbers at Sage Plumbers right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your plumbing! We utilize the best technology in the game to diagnose your problem and provide you with a solution.

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